An ecosystems approach to city development. Seeding a culture of participation  & innovation


In this complex world that we live in, no single architect or organisation can have all the answers. If we are to build vibrant, liveable and sustainable neighbourhoods then we must first learn how to build thriving ecosystems. We need to look beyond buildings and focus on people and culture.

The first step is to focus on hosting public events, workshops and gatherings, through which we can catalyse deep conversations, spark new ideas and strengthen local networks, continuously adding to our ever-evolving ecosystem map of people, projects and possibilities.

The second step is to build our tribe of city-makers who can work with us to co-create innovative services and community projects which we will aim to integrate into our masterplan. Currently, in collaboration with White Architects, we are exploring the possibility of creating a car-free urban forest of indoor and outdoors spaces that flow into each other, creating a diverse range of intimate and open arenas where both planned events and spontaneous gatherings can take place. We are also working on a ‘retail renaissance’ concept where we retain ownership over all the ground floor spaces within NobelBerget and operate those spaces as a community hub within a stunning streetscape of themed cafes, gardens, art installations and playgrounds. 

The final step is to build our digital and cultural platform so that residents and neighbours can effortlessly stay connected and engaged in local events and projects. We imagine a mobile marketplace and private social network that simplifies daily life and increases the chances of spontaneous meetings and connections. With the right platform, the possibilities are endless. We can bring diverse cultures and tribes together around good food, music and the arts. We can design our spaces so that they can continuously adapt to the needs of our members and residents. We can even prototype new forms of local governance, crowdfunding and decision making.

Be part of the story. Help write a new chapter for the city of Stockholm. What relevant people, organisations, ideas, projects, experiences do you know of or would like to bring to life?

Please email : nobelberget@gmail.com