We are building 450 apartments across 21 different buildings over the next 6-8 years in Nobelberget. 


The full redevelopment will be complete by 2025. We have agreed a detailed plan with Nacka Kommun that is extremely flexible. We will be restoring two existing buildings to be used as a culture house and a kindergarden. All other buildings will be demolished and rebuilt in phases. As part of our commitment towards co-creation we will be sharing our plans publicly and are open for feedback and ideas. Please email with your thoughts and perspectives.


Currently, in collaboration with White Architects, we are exploring the possibility of creating a car-free urban forest of indoor and outdoors spaces that flow into each other, creating a diverse range of intimate and open arenas where both planned events and spontaneous gatherings can take place. We are working on a concept where we retain ownership over all the ground floor spaces within Nobelberget and operate those spaces as a single community hub with a stunning streetscape of themed cafes, gardens, art installations and playgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to make Nobelberget a popular destination for Stockholm’s artists, entrepreneurs and also professional families to hang out and co-create together.


If you would like to get involved please email

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