14th-16th September 2017


You’re invited to participate in an 24 hour hackathon hosted by Urban Forest, an urban innovation lab run by Atrium Ljungberg (one of Sweden’s leading property developers) and Exponentials (innovation studio). Participants are also welcome to continue working on their ideas and solutions on the following day.

We are looking for entrepreneurs, architects, hackers, doers, thinkers who share our vision and passion. We have the opportunity to co-create a truly groundbreaking development at Nobelberget. Let’s think beyond buildings and bring a fresh perspective to city development.


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Attend the whole festival


The first day will be focussed on research & ideation. The second day will be focussed on prototyping & pitching.  On the third day the best ideas and concepts will be presented to a wider audience of leading politicians and policy makers. Please bring your laptop and email your name, phone number and a short bio to Think of this hackathon as an initiation into our ecosystem and network of city-makers, and a great first step towards us working on future projects and collaborations together.

14th Sep

Introductions & check in's
Research Sprints

Ideation Sprints - ideas for digital services / applications on blockchain / pop-up experiences / hyperlokal businesses / art & culture projects / educational programmes / etc
Present Back & Closing Circle
Dinner & Drinks

15th Sep
Check in
Pitch your best ideas
Form teams

Start prototyping


Keep prototyping


Pitch practice

Closing Circle

Dinner & Drinks

16th Sep
Best ideas and concepts are presented to wider audience of leading politicians and policy makers.

1) Empathy Map

Understanding the day to day challenges and needs of our user profiles; the professional family, the artist and the entrepreneur.


2) Ecosystem Map

Researching leading edge technologies, organisations, business models and thought leaders.

3) Ideation

Generate as many ideas as possible and select the best ones.

4) Prototyping

Form teams to prototype and present practical solutions.

5) Integration

We will then carefully consider how to integrate these solutions and prototypes into our development strategy and masterplan of NobelBerget.


Over the next 6-8 years we will be redeveloping the area of Nobelberget into a residential neighbourhood with over 500 apartments. We want to continue working with what Nobelberget stands for today; creativity and culture - and develop Nobelberget forward together into a place that celebrates sustainability, with a strong spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and civic participation. 

We are following a three stage co-creation process.

The first step is to focus on hosting events, workshops and gatherings, through which we can catalyse deeper conversations, spark new ideas and strengthen local networks, continuously adding to our ever-evolving ecosystem map of people, projects and possibilities.

The second step is to build our network of city-makers who can work with us to co-create innovative services and community projects which we can integrate into our masterplan for NobelBerget.

The third step is to open an urban innovation incubator at our culture house in Fabriken and to launch a digital platform that will help us to weave together all of our ideas, projects and services.