Urban Forest is an experiment in participatory city development

We aspire to make Nobelberget an example to the world for how to engage local citizens and organisations in the co-creation of a future city. We are here to listen, we are here to learn, and we are here to co-create the platforms and ecosystems needed for a 21st century multi-cultural city to thrive and grow. 


We are all architects. Let's co-create our dream city together!

When we ask ourselves: ‘what do I value most in life?’ most of us think about family, friends, community, our passions. Traditional wisdom and mounting scientific evidence show that happiness comes from a sense of place and purpose; a life within a rich social network of meaningful relationships. Ultimately, what we crave are more meaningful moments and life-experiences; more time to spend following our curiosity; time and space to work on what we really care about, time to build nourishing friendships and collaborations. Time to enjoy life and really experience the world. Time to be present with ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, collaborators, neighbours and the strangers we meet along the way. 

We imagine a city with a strong spirit of community and belonging, a place that is truly open and inclusive. In this city you really know your neighbours. You can live more consciously and sustainably by participating in your local sharing and circular economy. You can have easy access to everything but still also be really close to nature, which will make it possible to live a healthy life full of wellbeing. 

Unlike most of today’s residential developers, Atrium Ljungberg adopts a long-term perspective on development and real estate. Our vision is “Everybody wants to live in our city” and that is what we aim for today and in the future.  This long-term perspective is very important to enable a holistic approach in development. And this is what we have based Atrium Ljungbergs strategy for development of residential housing on, to facilitate for people to have new experiences, meeting places and links between living-working-shopping. The secret and the magic is in the mix, in the collaborations, in the relationships formed, the weave, the fabric, the ecosystem.

Our vision is to make Nobelberget feel like 'Stockholm's Playground' and attract some of our city's most creative, open-minded, curious and entrepreneurially driven people and families to co-create with us.


Co-creation - Focus on people. 

We invest in the co-creation process and strive to integrate the needs, perspectives and feedback of our community of stakeholders.

Changeability - Anticipate change. 

We design our infrastructure, buildings and services to be as flexible and dynamic as possible, whilst also nurturing a fail fast culture within our core team. 

Sustainable - Build for the future.
We go beyond the regulations and find creative ways to celebrate sustainability and drive forward sharing and circular economies.

Jon Allesson

Atrium Ljungberg

Joanna Berg

Atrium Ljungberg

Anton Chernikov


Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden's largest listed real estate companies and is based in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala.

Exponentials is an innovation studio that works at the intersection of technology, real estate and sustainability. 

If you have any questions please email nobelberget@gmail.com


Founding Team

Urban Forest was founded by Jon Allesson and Joanna Berg from Atrium Ljungberg in collaboration with Anton Chernikov from Exponentials. 

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